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There’s A Limit To Your Love...

...and just like that summer is coming to an end once again. It’s always a painful note for me to acknowledge. But honestly, the last couple of summers haven’t quite gone the way I imagined they would. Plans continually having to shift or be cancelled to accommodate others’ ever changing schedules. Adventures that I’ve played out in my head for months and planned; never materializing because life just simply happens. And emotional rifts happening that feel like ocean waves pulling me further and further from the shoreline.

It’s that sullen aspect that has had me digging deeper and deeper introspectively. I know this place because I’ve been here before - only this time I’m not willing to let it overwhelm me and take hold. This time it’s more like a process of cleaning, clearing, repairing, and rebuilding. A complete restructuring and redefining of myself - with clear and concise boundaries that I am more than willing to defend.

So...summer coming to an end isn’t killing me as much as it used to. Because this summer has allowed me to really go deep into the “rabbit hole“ of self. And as unpleasant as it might be to do; I highly recommend it for sorting out unresolved emotions from the past, letting go of them, and releasing them permanently from your being. Because we carry that weight with us daily unless we engage it, accept it, and release it.

We were never meant to hold onto all of the negative energy that created fear, anger, hate, rage, disappointment, etc. Forgiving others and also forgiving ourselves is where we start. No one is perfect and we are all guilty of projecting negativism onto someone or something in our lives - whether intentional or not - as well as being on the receiving end of it.

Much peace,


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