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Summertime...And The Livin’s Easy...Wait...Who Turned Out The Light???

Super busy couple of months ahead. I have no idea “why”...but I always seem to travel the most in September and October. Maybe instead of “Spring Fever”...I get “Fall Fever”...because I know the long Arctic winter is coming...

I’m a June, Summer Baby. I love the sunshine, the warmth, clear beautiful skies, long days with starry nights, flowers and plants growing, chasing butterflies, blowing bubbles, and being outdoors and in nature as much as possible. For me, summer is when I thrive the most. It’s when everything has life and is the most beautiful through my eyes.

But it comes up fast and fades away quickly...until the next, so long from now. Soon replaced by the long, dark, grey filled sky that hides the night sky, and the cold of winter comes like a sullen breath. And I find myself searching for any ounce of natural light I can find to stand in. slows me down vastly and I become the antithesis of myself. The term for it is “Seasonal Affective Disorder” aka S.A.D. and I am definitely a poster child. The past two winters hit me super hard...

I actually began the process of revamping the space I live in last September as a strategy. I started by changing out the color of the dark, dark brown paint to a very light yellow in main areas. The paint was so dark and on so many vaulted walls; it took me six months and several coats to get rid of it. But it was so worth all of the countless hours and struggles to do it. Instantly, not only my mood shifted, but everyone else’s in the house did too.

Then I replaced the light fixtures to adjustable LEDs that are set above 3000K. I also changed out all of the blinds to light filtering top/bottom shades that can be lifted all the way up or down to bring in a lot more natural light. Along with that I am planning to install two glass doors in the upstairs area rooms to bring in additional natural light this winter. The natural light spectrum hits at above 2500K. If you struggle with winter blues, too - make sure all of your indoor light sources are at or above that. (Not to be confused with lumens - which is the amount of light being broadcast - kelvins (K) is the color temperature.) The higher the number the bluer the light temperature. Personally, I love 5000K...but my peeps are not on board with 2500K to 3000K is a good choice to go with.

I also grew two specific herbs this summer - Tulsi (Holy Basi) and Lemon Balm - both known for their anti-depressant properties amongst other wellness aspects. I made tinctures from the fresh leaves and dried out some for future use as tea this coming winter. Research has shown both herbs to be very effective as anti-depressants - I, personally, don’t do pharma. I’m not political about it - it‘s just not my thing. I’ll be sharing “why” in an upcoming “Happy Humans Show” podcast. If you can’t grow your own definitely source from a reputable Mountain Rose Herbs.

So as a Summer Girl fading into fall...I’ve been been preparing for the coming winter...because she comes like a thief in the night to stay...

...but this time I’m prepared to meet her straight on...

Much peace,


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