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It’s Been A Long Sweet Time

There is an interesting thing about life. You can continually try to go in a specific direction; and it will keep throwing you into another, unwanted one. I think if I could choose two words that would describe the last four years of my life they would be “utter chaos.”

I am still processing all of it. It’s going to take a long time. I may never fully be able to understand it all. But I am willing to sit with it and sift through it. Even though I know there is pain and suffering in it - it’s a grief process - and necessary.

But this is the here and now. The past is what it is. It’s history now. Time to push forward. For me…it’s time to get back to my art and my business projects that I’ve had to shelve for so, so long. To make my “no” - “NO!” firmly when I am being pushed into other people’s projects and plans that hijack my life and my time.

It’s been a long sweet time my friends. But I am moving forward - regardless of the chaos life brings.

Much peace,


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